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Patrick Bizindavyi

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Patrick Bizindavyi, Transformational and Accountability Coach

Patrick is a motivational speaker who shares many of his life’s stories which include his time growing up in his native country of Burundi to when he migrated to Canada with only $60 in his pocket… and a dream!  Many of these stories he shares in his book Journeyman Stories – 15 Life Lessons and the Most Important thing I learned that Can Transform Your Life!  His story was featured on the Huffington Post:

Before coming to Canada, Patrick was a successful radio host and a top ranked basketball coach in Burundi.  But, upon his arrival to Canada he found himself as a refugee living in homeless shelters and eating at soup kitchens.  During the darkest times, Patrick not only discovered himself but also realized he had to put his unbreakable self-belief and determination to work.  In less than six months his strong conviction and tenacity took him from homelessness to become the radio host and Project Manager at a French Radio station in Toronto.

It was this struggle turn victory and many other failure to success life experiences which transformed him into the person he is today – a man of commitment, drive and enthusiasm who is determined to empower individuals to reach out and become the persons they always wanted to be. His keynote speeches are based on, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Personal Transformation
  • Finding your Purpose
  • Maximizing your Potential
  • Pursuing and Achieving your Dreams and Goals
  • Effective and Results Based Goal Setting
  • Turning Failure into Success and Struggle into Victory

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