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Performance and Accountability Coach

Paul Renie

Paul is a Performance and Accountability coach who inspires, motivates and empowers individuals to think BIG, be BOLD and ACT NOW on their dreams and goals!  Working with individuals who desire greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives, but don’t know how to get started, Paul uses his unique coaching approach to help them increase their accountability, productivity and the belief in their ability to succeed.

For the last twenty-five years Paul has overcome many challenges to successfully pursue and achieve his personal and career goals – this includes careers in the fields of Client Relationship Management, Investment Management Services and Strategic and Operational Planning.  It was during this period where many of his friends and colleagues encouraged him to go into the field of life coaching.  They told him he had the ability to inspire people to believe in themselves and to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.  They admired his ability to ask questions that helped them work through their problem and gain the clarity and strength they needed to make the right decision at the time.


Those who have worked with him will tell you that they immediately admire his instant willingness to commit to their goals even before they do.  The confidence he places in your ability to succeed is very reassuring and a great source of inspiration and motivation.  Most of all, his unique way of helping you transform your passion into action and your action into results is empowering.  Whether it is facilitating mastermind groups, delivering individual and group coaching or holding you accountable, you immediately realize that in Paul you have both a coach and a friend.


Never assign a value to your dreams and goals based on how it compares to someone else’s dreams or goals!  Instead, measure its importance based on the level of satisfaction, purpose and direction it brings to your life.  When you feel like you don’t have what it takes to pursue your passion and turn your dreams and goals into a reality think of the Hyperion tree.  It is the tallest tree in the world, a costal redwood tree located in California which is around 380 feet high; the statue of liberty is only 305 feet high.

Whenever you feel that your dreams or goals are too big for you to achieve remember the Hyperion tree.  Although it starts out as a small seed, one hundredth the size of an olive, it eventually grows to 380 feet.  The same applies to your ability to turn your dreams and goals into a reality, but to do this, you must be willing to think BIG, be BOLD and ACT NOW!

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Patrick is a motivational speaker who shares many of his life’s stories which include his time growing up in his native country of Burundi to when he migrated to Canada with only $60 in his pocket… and a dream! Many of these stories he shares in his book Journeyman Stories – 15 Life Lessons and the Most Important thing I learned that Can Transform Your Life!

His story was featured in the Huffington Post's article "My Refugee Journey Involves Gunshots, Homelessness and Hope".

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