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Transformation and Accountability Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author

Patrick Bizindavyi

Patrick is a Transformational and Accountability coach who inspires, motivates and empowers individuals to think BIG, be BOLD and ACT NOW!  Working with individuals who desire greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives, but don’t know how to get started, Patrick uses his unique coaching approach to help them increase their accountability, productivity and the belief in their ability to succeed.

He is a motivational and inspirational speaker who shares his journey on coming to Canada from his native land of Burundi with $60.00 in his pocket and a dream. Before coming to Canada, Patrick was a successful radio host and a top ranked basketball coach in Burundi. But, upon his arrival to Canada, he found himself as a refugee living at homeless shelters and eating at soup kitchens.

During the darkest times, Patrick not only discovered himself but understood he had to put his unbreakable self-belief and determination to work.  In less than six months, Patrick’s strong conviction and tenacity took him from homelessness to being the radio host and Project Manager at radio 105.4 CHOQ FM in Toronto. Patrick began sharing his story. He believes that everyone can have and become everything they dream. His inspiring story and passion to serve has helped others achieve their goals despite their circumstances. Patrick divides his time between speaking, coaching and delivering workshops.

As he reflects on his life’s journey, Patrick credits specific key steps that helped him become the person he is today; a man of commitment, drive and enthusiasm who is determined to empower individuals to reach out and become the persons they always wanted to be in their personal and professional life.

Patrick’s story of unwavering conviction to not become a statistic was published in the Huffington Post on June 20, 2015. An article that reveals Patrick’s life as one of vision, self-belief and incredible determination to achieve one’s dreams.

Patrick the speaker

Patrick is one of the most prominent and renowned motivational speakers in his Francophone community.  He has been a guest speaker at a number of organizations and institutions that include Sickle cell Anemia Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Sunlife, Canada Post, and Government of Canada ministries.  Patrick has been the Master of Ceremonies for numerous events: Black History month, music festivals, conventions and fundraising events.

“You made and impact on myself and our group” Sickle cell Anemia Canada

Patrick the Coach

Patrick connects with individuals through his own personal story on not allowing your circumstance to define you. As a Transformational and Accountability coach, he works with individuals by inspiring, motivating and empowering them to think BIG, be BOLD and ACT NOW! Individuals who have been coached by Patrick continually share with him and others the positive impact his coaching continues to have in their lives.

Patrick the Blogger

Patrick is no stranger to the blogging world; he started his fist blog, called “Journeyman Stories”, back in 2008. Through this blog, he used his life stories to inspire and empower its readers to go out and create the lives they have always dreamed.

He is now at it again with an all new dynamic blog.  Together with Paul Renie, another co-founder of Unleashed Possibilities (UP), he writes weekly blogs with a unique approach that combines inspiration and motivation with a pragmatic and act now attitude.  The entire mission of the blog is to inspire, motivate and empower its readers to think BIG, be BOLD and ACT NOW on pursuing and achieving their dreams and goals.

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Patrick is a motivational speaker who shares many of his life’s stories which include his time growing up in his native country of Burundi to when he migrated to Canada with only $60 in his pocket… and a dream! Many of these stories he shares in his book Journeyman Stories – 15 Life Lessons and the Most Important thing I learned that Can Transform Your Life!

His story was featured in the Huffington Post's article "My Refugee Journey Involves Gunshots, Homelessness and Hope".

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