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Get instant access to accountability program

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8 Simple Yet Effective Steps on how to Turn Your Dreams and Goals into Reality

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“Paul Renie and Patrick Bizindavyi of Unleashed Possibilities Inc. helped me achieve a big business goal. I attended a workshop they facilitated where I was asked to make a one year goal which was to make $5,000.00 from one booking of my services as a Motivational Speaker using Hollywood movies as teaching tools. They followed up the session with a series of coaching calls and despite personal health issues slowing me down I am happy to say I achieved this goal 6 months after the target date. The irony is that this payment was for my services in consultation and sourcing of movie clips for the VP of a major UK company for her own presentation to her management team. So this actually achieves the big vision I wrote out at the workshop of being the go-to-guy for motivational movie resources. I highly recommend Unleashed Possibilities Inc. for their outstanding services!”

Emmanuel Lopez
Award-winning Illustrator, Motivational Speaker and Author of the blog “Movies That Motivate: The Adventures of Motivatorman”

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